High carb intake in the very short term is associated w/ ⬆️ insulin sensitivity.

High carb intake is also associated with ⬆️PPBG excursions & insulin secretion.

You can use this 2 engage in the myopic war about carbs in t2dm or just advocate for well done feeding trials.
This issue on the twitter nutrition space is constantly underplayed& oversimplified. The existing data are not rigorous physiology trials & rarely use gold standard methods to look at insulin dynamics. They also don't allow adequately for pairwise comparisons (CHO v fat subtypes)
Nor do they allow for clear dose response relationship characterization. In the same way that we have this decently for dietary macros & lipids, we could use it for glycemic outcomes. This would require well funded GCRCs and $ for controlled feeding trials again.
None of this makes me that worried about t2dm guidelines. If the signal was that huge for t2dm & macros, it would've been more clear. This effort will at best refine guidelines and inform development of food systems.
I get tagged in a bunch of tweets over time about what I think about this stuff and this will be my go to reference response. We need the above, less we continue to repeat history ⬇️
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