What is happening right now is crucial. @JoeBiden is assembling a "dream team," of people to fight #COVID19. They are at the top of their professions, brilliant, deeply compassionate, of the highest integrity with the expertise to get us to safety and back to a better world. 1/
. @vivek_murthy, @RWalensky, @ERIC_Yale (Marcella Nunez-Smith), and Anthony Fauci. @JoeBiden has picked the best, he did not hand out appointments as gifts or political favors on #COVID19. 2/
The rest of us on the outside? We have a very, very important job to do. We need to get @senatemajldr and the @GOP to stop their obstruction, so that these experts can do their work, with the needed resources. We need a mobilization unlike any other to save lives this winter. 3/
I don't want to hear "Mitch, doesn't care," "it's hopeless," "we can't do it." We fight. Because our lives, the lives of our friends, family, our neighbors depends on it. end/
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