Alright here's my 'take' on the vaccine thing. I'm pro vaccine, even got my flu jab this year even though I'm not actually coming into contact with anyone. I'll be getting the vaccine when it's my turn because, bottom line is, it's vaccine v covid/pandemic, not vaccine v nothing.
Having said that I have some reservations about the approval process which have been raised by some people who have knowledge of this area. Some of the concerns people have had have been due to a misunderstanding of how the vaccine has been developed/approved, who can blame them?
But I also think it's totally legitimate to have specific questions/reservations about this vaccine, even if they turn out to be unfounded. From what I can gather, the kind of vaccine it is is already known to be safe, which is reassuring. But that's not all - there are people...
from communities of colour (and other marginalised groups) who have expressed concern because of the history of their people being exploited in the name of 'science' - and if you pair that with the disproportionate impact of Covid on those groups, who can blame them? And leading
from that, last thing for now: the entire pandemic has been fraught with political tension, dishonesty from those in positions of supposed authority, lack of trust, preventable disproportionate impacts on certain groups and sectors. Is it really a good idea to even jokingly...
...suggest that anyone who has doubts or questions about the vaccine is somehow ignorant or uninformed, in the context of that mess?

Just to reiterate, I intend to have the vaccine and I think vaccines are a good thing. Just having a bit of a sense of humour bypass atm.
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