Abraham Lincoln once said it's "better to remain silent and thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt." When I saw a new Member of Congress fumble, stumble and bumble through an interview with Fox today, I immediately said "where have I seen this before"?
When I was a staffer with former Rep. Craig Washington! The questions being asked?

"What should the United States do to stop what's going on in Freedonia?"
Twenty new Members of Congress were asked this question. In case you don't know, FREEDONIA DOES NOT EXIST. Well it does in the classic Marx Brothers film, "Duck Soup."
As part of Freshman orientation, Speaker Pelosi's team gives new Members an education about what to do and how to handle the press. One recommendation? Wait a year until you really know the place. DON'T go on Fox. That's a "gotcha" right there.
DON'T go on C-SPAN. Listen, don't let C-SPAN fool you. People who watch C-SPAN KNOW CONGRESS. If you come with less than your A game? You will get SMOKED. I've seen it happen all the time.
After a year, and you've got some experience? Work with the leadership, who will help you craft your message. Hire a REAL communications director, who will learn the same thing.
FIN/You don't have to answer every question. You don't have to be the smartest person in the room.

If you don't know, say so, and tell the interviewer, "I promise to get back to you with an answer soon."

Slow down. Look. Listen. And learn.
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