I'm hearing that a school in the GTA has 10 cases and the board insists that it can stay open because they're sure that the spread didn't happen inside the school.

That very well may be true. It's likely that most of that spread did not happen in the school. But! Thread ...
We have to stop treating cases in schools as being some sort of end and instead see them as an early warning. Multiple cases in a school should immediately trigger a two-week lockdown. This is really simple, and happens in many jurisdictions.
This early warning says that there needs to be a reset.

We should also be approaching all workplace outbreaks in the same way. Multiple cases? Shut it down so people can isolate and wait it out. But this is not how workplace outbreaks have been treated...
In Brandon, when there were 70 cases at the Maple Leaf factory, the top public health official Brent Roussin continuously said that there was no proof of in-factory spread. And so what did Maple Leaf say?
Public health didn't say to shut down, that it's safe to operate. So we will stay open!

This is a huge part of why outbreaks are out of control in so many place in Canada --- politicians simply don't care enough to shut down the place of an outbreak.
So yeah, sorry, but every bad thing you've ever heard about elected officials is true. I hope you never thought they actually cared about you.
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