General Medicine on-call; a thread

I last did a WR on the admissions unit 6 wks ago in October.

Today I did a WR ably supported by the great @FarhadPeerally2

It was different & it was frightening. Just like the stories from Bergamo in March & my on-call from early May.

Patient after patient - #COVID19 positive, poorly - awful CXRs with bilateral pneumonitis.

A patient younger than me, heading for ITU.

Patients without COVID, elderly / frail &/or severe comorbidity - unwell.

Acuity very high, inpatient services stretched to the limit.

Every anti-vaxxer, anti-masker, & #COVID19 denier - WAKE UP!

The situation is bleak in a lot of the UK.

Please follow the rules, wear a mask & be careful.

Please be sensible over Christmas.

Have no doubt
#IwillGetVaccinated. I hope everyone takes it up when offered.

3/3 end
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