Successful enterprises do not relish in the faults of competitors.

They relish in competition.

They relish in a market with multiple use cases.

Rising tides lift all ships.

I am ashamed of the ETH community today.

We fault the close mindedness of Bitcoin maxis, but then mock any project that takes a new approach and hits a snag?

If you want to mock rip off grifter scams like Tron, that’s one thing.

If you take pride in “dunking on” legitimate projects who have differently philosophies and approaches to our industry then you are now better than the foaming-at-the-mouth BTC maxis you denounce.

Worse still you forget the faults we had along this journey. The times ETH went down, the times we had forks.

We sit high and mighty on some judgmental ivory tower, when most of you have never worked on consensus problems or chains.

I do not own any SOL, but I recognize that there is room in this industry for a range of products with different use cases and different trade-offs.

This blind cultish commitment to one implementation is childish and short-sighted.

You spend your time harping on each other because “thought leaders” troll for clicks and lights by lighting that fire.

Meanwhile the real enemy of this industry are the banks and policy makers that would love nothing more than to see us fail.

We become better when we lift each other up.

We become better when as an industry we root for one another and build bridges.

We live in a divided and torn world and yet for some reason you want to bring that animosity here, to a place that isn’t zero sum?

Are we so fragile in our belief in Ethereum that we believe the success of another chain would crumble our financial gain?

I’m not.

I think if anything it would push us, ignite a fire and let us learn from each other.

The markets blockchains can address are worth trillions of dollars, a pie big enough for multiple projects to succeed and still be some of the largest financial market caps of all time.

Yet you feel the need to kick others when they are down?

Sitting in some castle of pride, forgetting where we came from.

I can think of no action smaller.

I want this *industry* to succeed.

But many whom I thought well level headed and well intentioned thought leaders have shown the bias blinders that their pocketbooks have created tonight.

I hope you all take a look at yourself and ask what you want to be.

I for one have no intention of becoming some spiteful maxi who needs to put down other projects to feel big.

And I hope this industry produces a cornucopia of successful projects, including ones that challenge and grow us, and others that we can simply be happy for.

Let’s not let this industry divide before we cross the chasm.

Let’s be united in our vision of what blockchains can achieve.

Or at the very let’s just be decent human beings when people try to do something new, even if it doesn’t work out. That isn’t too much to ask!
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