There could be concerns on #FarmersBill_2020 but for that one must understand the bill first. A thread explaining #FarmLaws in lucid way section wise :

1. Section 3(3)
Maximum contract period may be 5 years. Farmers cannot be compelled for long duration commitment.
Section 3(4) :Government will make available model agreement. Farmer can add his terms and conditions to this.
Section 5(A) – (Prices of farming products)
A guaranteed price shall be paid for such produce. Lower price than agreed upon can not be given.
Section 6(1) - (Sale of farming produce) The contractor should take delivery from the farm gate and within agreed time.

Section 6 (3) (b) – (Payment to farmers) Agreed amount shall be paid to farmer at the time of delivery.
Section 8 (a) - (Sponsor prohibited from ownership right)
Farmers land cannot be taken by sponsor in sale, lease or as mortgage. Sponsor can not take any right of farmers land.
Section 8 (b)- (Prohibition of permanent structure by sponsor)
Owner can not raise any permanent structure on farmers land.If structure made for agriculture purpose should be removed immediately at the end of contract, if not removed it will be property of farmer
Section 9 – (Agreement can be linked with insurance)
Government insurance is there in case of unforeseen risk.

Section 10 – (Farmer can choose intermediatory)
Role and services of intermediatory shall be defined in the agreement.

Section 12 (1) – (Farmer may get agreement registered)
Registration would provide legal sanctity to the agreement.
Section 13 (1) – (Dispute settlement) Agreement must contain farmers representative as a member of conciliation board. Farmer is free to accept or reject decision of conciliation board.
Section 14 (1) – (Dispute resolution) Farmer may approach SDM who shall decide the matter within 30 days.
Section 14 (4) – (Appeal)
Farmer may appeal to district collector against decision of SDM, Collector shall decide the matter within 30 days.
Section 14 (2) (b) (ii) – (Penalty)
A penalty on farmer shall not exceed advance payment or cost input as per term of farming agreement
Section 14 (2) (b) (iii) – (Natural calamity)
If farmer unable to perform due to natural calamities, no recovery shall be made from him.

Section 19 – (Jurisdiction of civil court)
Government considering removal of bar on farmer to go to civil court.
This is #FarmersBill_2020 in a nutshell .
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