1/ Okay, I'll bite. I do understand these stories, and I do have the energy to set people straight.

tl;dr: Computers have security weaknesses, as we've warned for years, but there's no evidence any of these security weakness have impacted this year's election. https://twitter.com/KimZetter/status/1334913800865083392
2/ Overwhelmingly, these weaknesses would lead to detectable errors. The consequence of most exploitation would casting doubt in the election or causing the results to be thrown out, not causing somebody to hack the election undetected.
3/ As Chris Krebs pointed out, we have an enormous paper trail that makes auditing for computer hacks viable. These audits have found no computer problems.
4/ Q: What about all those people testifying under oath about computer things?
A: They are testifying about things they don't understand, that they can't explain. A good example is Randy Bishop's claims of computers attached to the Internet, debunked here https://twitter.com/ErrataRob/status/1334036382063456258
5/ That's how conspiracy theories work: things people can't explain become proof of the conspiracy, because it's the only explanation they know that would explain things. But experts have other explanations.
6/ Gods, space aliens, and hackers: the things people least understand become the most use theory to explain things, because they explain everything.

Yes, the election was hacked -- but it was by space aliens who wanted Joe Biden president. Prove me wrong.
7/ If the election was fixed, the easiest ways to do it would be human things outside a computer, like bribing people, stuffing ballots, and so on.

That would leave evidence. People imagine that hackers are like aliens and wouldn't leave evidence.

But hackers likely would.
8/ If the election were fraudulent, hackers would be the least likely explanation.

It's like the power grid: we've been warning about cybersecurity vulnerabilities for years, but still, the easiest way to attack the grid is with bombs, bribes, and other physical attacks.
9/ The reason people like "Kim" have "no energy" to deal with conspiracy theorists is because they won't believe experts, the industry consensus. They instead believe charlatans chosen by the Trump team https://twitter.com/ErrataRob/status/1333895728796753922
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