Thread: 1/n Those who feel that Hinduism is like any other religion associated with many superstitions and myths and has no substance for today's modern medical technology, they should go through this thread @NileshOak @RatanSharda55 @Aabhas24 @ShefVaidya @KhajuriaManu @Aabhas24
2/n A scientific article (snippet attached) is talking about how "Yagyas/Hawans", which are part of our 1000s years old vedic traditions are very much relevant even in today's modern times of medical therapy! Link 👇:,the%20pores%20of%20the%20skin.
3/n An article talks about how our vedic scientists not only knew genetics, but also knew something which can not be explained by today's modern genetics (Snippet attached). Very interesting article. The link is below👇
4/n Yet another interesting scientific article tells us about "Yagya Therapy" and it's relevance in modern medical therapy (Snippet attached). Link of full article below:
5/n One more very interesting article published in an international journal in 2020 talking about "scientific rationale of yagya/hawan"(Snippet attached). Link of the full article given below 👇:
6/n There are hundreds of articles available on internet proving that our vedic scientists had a very enhanced way of treating and healing patients. May be much more enhanced than our modern medical technology!! 😀😀
7/7 At the end, I only want to tell everyone that we should be proud of our vedic ancestors and feel honoured that we share the same identity of those great men and women in our vedic times! Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!🇮🇳🇮🇳
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