1/ The Queen's Gambit is apparently causing demand for chess to surge!

I play daily and coach at my kid's school, so I love seeing the interest

If you're want to learn about chess, here are some great free resources (thread)
2/ How to play & basics

Great YouTube videos

3/ Opening principles

@thechesswebsite -
4/ Common beginner mistakes

5/ Advanced topics

Chess Holes:

6 Power Moves of Chess:
6/ Recommended YouTube channels

#1 Chess Edge
#2 Agadmator's Chess Channel
#3 GJ_Chess

These are all great too:

Chess with Suren
Chess Talk
Eric Rosen
Saint Louis Chess Club
The Chess Website
7/ Favorite players of the past to learn from

Jose Capablanca
Bobby Fisher
Paul Morphy
Mikhail Tal
8/ Apps

I use http://Chess.com  mostly

LIchess is also excellent
10/ DM me if you want to challenge me to a daily game!
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