The farmer.
*Alan Watts* THREAD

A long time ago, there was a farmer who's horse, ran away
His neighbours said "thats too bad"
"Maybe" said the farmer
The next day, the horse returned bringing 7 wild horses with it.
His neighbours said "thats great isnt it"
"Maybe" he said
The next day, the farmer's son was attempting to train one of the wild horses, he fell and broke his leg.
His neighbours said "thats terrible"
The farmer said "maybe "
The next morning, recruiters for the army came by to conscript men from the village.
They rejected the mans son
Because of his broken leg.
And all of his neighbours, once again gathered to tell him "thats wonderful"
The farmer said "maybe"

The whole process of life , nature and In my world , God's will .. is interconnected, its impossible and ubwise to single out individual events as good
Or bad , the consequences of each event whether they be "good or bad"
Or not able to be determined by any man, the variables are far too many to be realistically predicted , or even guessed at.

This is why we MUST live by faith & not by sight.

Psalms 37:23

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