A thread on the backwards policies of California:

Just after 10pm last night, Wednesday 12/2, @SDGE shut off the power at my parents’ house in East County San Diego due to high winds and fire conditions.

The current advisory says power won’t be restored until SUNDAY 12/6.
My parents have a solar system. They generate more power than they use every day.

BUT they aren’t allowed to use that solar power when @SDGE shuts off the grid because their solar system only operates when it detects a live grid.

CA has made it ILLEGAL to be off grid.
My parents are powering their house with a generator. They have solar panels CURRENTLY generating power but they aren’t allowed to use it because @SDGE controls it.

SDG&E has shut off the power because they’re scared of what happened to @PGE4Me last year. It’s about liability.
Like PG&E, @SDGE refuses to make the investment on their end to take the proper safety precautions and bury their power lines underground in fire prone areas. But they don’t want the liability if one of their power lines causes a fire.
So, @SDGE’s solution is to cut power to tens of thousands of people for 4 days. They will not reimburse people for spoiled food. They will not help those, like my dad, who need power for a medical device. They will not provide food for those who can’t cook without power.
And those who have solar panels can’t use the power they’re generating, they have to use a gas generator (defeating the purpose of clean energy like SOLAR)

I’m thankful my parents have a generator. @SDGE should be ashamed.
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