iPads stockpiled for ICU end of life goodbyes... was not something Steve Jobs foresaw.

(HT to @roto_tudor) #COVID19
2) If only we didn’t allow big corporations to neglect or deceive workers on #COVID19 https://twitter.com/drericding/status/1334336745547165696
3) And if only we recognized aerosol airborne transmission earlier. Mask and airborne science compilation video:
4) VENTILATION is key. Both ventilation and masks needed to reduce risk indoors. But most buildings not ventilated well enough.
5) we know public health measures work to prevent infections and hospitalizations. But so many leaders ignored the science. That is the greatest tragedy of #COVID19 pandemic.
6) Key is ventilation. Japan assumed it was airborne from the very beginning. Hence their mask culture and focus on air flow. Here is how to ventilate a room quickly. #COVID19
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