Tbh I think F1 twitter has shown the worst of itself today and maybe we should look at why people think F1 is an unsustainable, tory sport because to the vast majority of people outside it that sure is how its seen.
Motorsport is an extremely conswrvative world even at its most radical. For years it has been gatekept by a small number of very right wing people, at the highest levels. It is no longer mainstream or visible as a sport, by and large.
If you realise people don't know us, the diverse and left wing and different of motorsport exist it's because a) we're still outsiders even in the sport's narrative and b) look at what people see. It isn't us. We had to love it *despite* that.
Things are changing and incredible people (not talking about myself) are working on that change. But you can't all sit there laughing at the fact a sport which is elitist and limited has a poor overall image with leftists.
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