'Hindu Atheism' is a paradox. Often on social media, it's a fancy term used as a shield by the sanghi-in-disguise to apply 'atheism' against the theism of other religions, while defending vedas & other so-called infallible scriptures when questioned or criticized.

The term 'Hindu' is not a Sanskrit term, in the first place. Sanskrit, the language of privileged class (refer Manusmriti), has not been a recent dialect too.

To equate/identify oneself as 'Hindu' with 'Atheist' is an offence to the philosophy of Vedas.

Caravaka and few other schools born out of vedic tradition, as a result of disagreement with the vedic notions, have been anti-God and also anti-brahminical (Brahamajala Sutta of Ajnana school), which makes their premises anti-ritual / anti-religious.

Buddha himself disowned vedas in his discourses (majjhima nikaya, tevijja sutta). He was quite agnostic, which made him un-vedic.

I understand that there's a massive pollution of knowledge on social media but it doesn't change the fact (although it's open for challenge).

If you have to disbelieve me on this, it is ok. But you are free to test the heart/mind of Hindu Atheists, when it comes to mocking, condescending & ridiculing the image of Hindu God/Religion or Modi govt. A matter of time there.

Hindu Atheism = I am a Virgin Prostitute.

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