In Case You Didn't know 👉We Are AT War 🪖
We know about Langley VA🤡
But.. Do u know about C_A HQ in 🇨🇭?
🇨🇭 Only Sovereign Nation on 🌎
Home to Onyx Interception System
Home to Holy See
🦉guards the Pope?🇨🇭?
Home to Bank for International Settlements
Names for Switzerland Equate to CIA & SS
According to SEC > [C]H[I]N[A] owns 75% yet..
Who owns them?
We have chased Dominion thru Venz, Canada, Germany, UK, Iran, 🇨🇭etc..
Wat do [they] ALL have in common?
'Controlled' by 🤡and 👑?
Oh yeah, who funded boths sides of Wars?
Below is a thread of Examples of 'elections' for Control
What are Color Revolutions?
🦉funds them
Russia Russia Russia 🤪
China China China😅
The BIG 3 🤡🕷️🕸️?
What are 🐚 'Holding companies?
Do you know where the 400 M💲💲 Renegade sent Iran (🤡controlled for decades) came from??
Would u have guessed Roth Central Banks in 🇨🇭🇳🇱?
U can't make this stuff up
Side Note> What is a 🥒factory? Iran thread below
OK as @POTUS created a dance craze ...
What is [Y] MCA?
Where Is it's HQ?
Where is Red cross HQ?
Geneva 🇨🇭?
Nobel Prize?
Are u awake?

Red 🇨🇭 A Roth Joint > thread 🦌symbolism much?👇
Special Ops Leader to Report Directly to Acting Def Sec

NSAM 55Relations of the JCS to the Pres in Cold War Ops
NSAM 56Evaluation of Paramilitary Requirements
NSAM 57Responsibility for Paramilitary Ops
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