Of course #brahminlivesmatter .

Time for Brahmins across the spectrum to leave their differences aside & unite

Pan India Brahmin association should be formed

Time for Brahmins to
Perform &

Brahmins should emulate Jews
In the name of reservation Brahmins have got a raw deal, several Brahmins families have been pushed into poverty, they have been denied their rightful place in education, jobs, politics etc.,

Education the only fort of Brahmins has gone beyond their reach

When Brahmin talks about his pain,i hear voices of Hindu unity,it's time for Hindus of various spectrum to understand plight of Brahmins, every denomination in Hindu society has to stay united & all denominations shld be bonded together,then none can break us
Not every Brahmin can score 99%+ marks
Not every Brahmin can get Rs 40 Lakhs+ education loan to run away to US in search of a better living

Not every Brahmin can do business

If there is one denomination that deserves a minority tag its one & only Brahmins

Two areas where Brahmins earned their livelihood were
Temples &
Both have been snatched away from them

Temples taken over by Govt
Education taken away by reservation

Its a systematic assault on one particular denomination - Brahmins

One request to those who matter

We Brahmins dont care even if you give 100% reservation


Remove the word "Equality" from our constitution

Why project Equality when India is not following it. India as such is not a land of equals

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