FTR back in late January 2020 @AGKarlRacine sued the Trump Inauguration
on Nov 17th Tom Barrack was also deposed
-Abusing nonprofit funds to enrich the Trump family
grossly misused its nonprofit funds to make an unfair & unjustified payment of $1.03M
-Failing to seek out fair market value for event space & services rendered
-nonprofit funds to throw a private party
And you know who helped
Because what the Trumps did to

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was just plain wring
They set her up to be the scape goat with the help of the two reporters from the NYTimes.
Oh SHITTLESTIX Princess @IvankaTrump that’s right you and Rick Gates had a lot of communication and Gates explicitly stated he was concerned about the Cost & Optics because fleecing & grifting are like peas & carrots
Wait holy shittlestix the @TrumpDC was never on the list of the PIC - no really it’s right there in @AGKarlRacine supporting documents ... wait for it...
So we know based on contemporaneous emails Jan 2, 2017 then how on earth did @TrumpDC score so many contracts?
because I’m only 78 pages into the 240+ supporting documents from the DC AG’s Office but this is nuts
You get that I’m not tweeting anything secret, right?
All this has been in the public domain since Jan 2020.
although I did take the liberty of pulling down the supporting Docs & converted to a searchable PDF
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emails Nov 2016
Rick Gates
Stephanie Winston Wolkoff
Tom Barrack
She attempted to save PIC money
remember that there was a coordinated effort to make her the scape goat, so don’t go after her
My guess is some of the docs she provided
Again based on the contemporaneous emails Stephanie Winston Wolkoff voiced concern about the cost. To that end Rick Gates brought @IvankaTrump in because the @TrumpDC rates were insanely high.
Princess is in it up to her eyeballs & that delights me A LOT
“amounted to $450,000 per day for the space...quote was significantly more than the Trump Hotel’s internal pricing guidelines for use of this event space”
competing hotels quoted $55K to $79K ergo @TrumpDC quote was insanely high
Dec 30, 2019
I am genuinely wondering what happened in Mid-December what would make this @TrumpDC manager email that to Rick Gates...see the black box because that’s something that would warrant further inquiry
I’ll be back in a bit I gotta put the littles down for the night.

Should you be inclined I pulled down the supporting documents & converted to a searchable pdf
Again all of this has been publicly available since Jan 22, 2020
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