1) Quebec was supposed to learn from the tragedy of the mass #COVID19 deaths in its long-term care centres (CHSLDs) last spring. But evidence is now emerging of deadly outbreaks in Montreal CHSLDs during the second wave. In this thread, I ask why this is happening, again.
2) Montreal's deadliest outbreak in the second wave has occurred at the Maimonides Geriatric Centre in Côte Saint-Luc. In a month, 11 residents have died from #COVID19. The CHSLD’s hot zone was shut down, and all 20 infected residents were transferred to acute-care hospitals.
3) This wasn’t supposed to happen during the second wave. Quebec was supposed to learn from its mistakes. Yet a massive decontamination effort is now taking place on the 7th floor at Maimonides. Officials can't explain how the #COVID19 outbreak could have deteriorated so quickly.
4) Sadly, Maimonides is not an isolated example in Montreal. Quebec's worst CHSLD outbreak (as a percentage of residents infected) is now at the Manoir de l’Ouest de l’île in Pierrefonds. At least 40 residents occupying 53% of the beds have #COVID19. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/more-than-half-of-residents-and-staff-infected-at-pierrefonds-chsld
5) One resident has died at that Pierrefonds CHSLD thus far. Five residents have died at the Château Westmount. Four residents have died at Jewish Eldercare. Four have died at the Floralies Lachine. All these #COVID19 deaths occurred in Montreal, all during the second wave.
6) True, the #COVID19 death toll in Montreal’s eldercare homes is much lower than during the first wave. But should that even be offered as a legitimate excuse? In any case, the death toll in CHSLDs outside Montreal is just as horrific as the one last spring in the metropolis.
7) At least 556 people have perished in CHSLDs and seniors’ residences in Quebec's second wave, up by 21 since Monday. The worst examples are 45 deaths at the CHSLD St-Eusèbe in Lanaudière, 39 at the CHSLD Ste Croix in Marieville and 35 at the CHSLD Marcelle-Ferron in Brossard.
8) For the record, 801 Quebecers died of #COVID19 in the month of November alone. Has our society grown numb to this latest wave of death? Why are our leaders no longer offering their thoughts and prayers to those who have lost loved ones during the #pandemic? End of thread.
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