A thread on why Black women in healthcare & public health must take the lead on #COVID19 communications, especially on vaccines. We are truth-tellers. We are trustworthy with an equity lens.

Let's start with the inimitable Dr. @CamaraJones. https://twitter.com/CamaraJones/status/1333768854531698691?s=20
Dr. . @Theresa_Chapple's thread on talking to people with vaccine hesitancy. https://twitter.com/Theresa_Chapple/status/1333741279998566402?s=20
Dr. @Lachelle_Dawn's thread on discussing the vaccine with people concerned about the history of medical experimentation on Black Americans. https://twitter.com/Lachelle_Dawn/status/1333882049715986438?s=20
Dr. @DrChrisMD who is enrolled in a vaccine trial herself and has spoken frequently about that experience and losing her father to #COVID19. https://twitter.com/thereidout/status/1333569906575634432?s=20
Dr. @DrMaryTBassett, the former Commissioner of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, sharing her expertise on health equity and #COVID19. https://twitter.com/DrMaryTBassett/status/1326178229359702020?s=20
Dr. @gradydoctor describes beautifully in @TheLancet her story of enrolling in #COVID19 vaccine trial. https://twitter.com/gradydoctor/status/1324762224192331778
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