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:⚔Romans 12:2
And be not conformed to this world:
but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that ye may prove what is that good, and
acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Amen.⚔:

THE Lord of transmutation has ascended the
throne of Aquarius to rule the world for 2000 years.
Aquarius the fifth Son (Sun) of Jacob, i.e. to circle,
— or to follow after, is DAN, Hebrew for Judge.
Gen. 15:17
Thus the day or time of judgment or understanding will have for its executor the revolutionary Planet Uranus, or as it is in Greek "Oranous."
Uranus virtually means the Son of Heaven.
This god (planet) is surely a suitable ruler for the Zodiacal Sign Aquarius the Man.
"And then shall appear the Sign of the Son
(Sun-Uranus-ruling planet-god) of man in the Heavens."
The Solar System now being in Aquarius we may expect,
and as a matter of fact, are experiencing the prophecies of
great Astrologians as recorded in:
Matt. 24:30 & Luke 21:27,28.
In👁️ the Judgment Day,⚖️ or time of knowledge,⚖
we are due to realize🧠
the ⇟process⇟ by which
base metals🎨 are ⇈transmuted🧙‍♂️ into gold🔆.

The word gold🔆comes from OR🕊️, a product
of the Sun's📀 rays🕊️, or the breath of life🕊.
↟ above image is an 🔆Ovum-Egg↟

::Life🕊️Spirit:: breathed into YOU precipitates brain cells and gray matter which creates or builds the fluids and structure of physical YOU
Or,🔆 is the seed or the Word—Lord🔆YOU

"In the beginning was the word🔆
and the word was God.🔆🕊"
Even our great🧐 Theologians🤓 have admitted⚖️ that (God🔆means 🔆Power).
Thus the emanations🕊
from Sun📀,
basic material🎨,
are changed to gold🔆 and the process, eternally😇 proceeding, is being recog ↠
-nized by man at the present day, due to the fact that the Planet of gold, Oranous, is now ruling Earth and thereby bringing good judgment upon the people, and the thrones and scepters of rulers lie scattered and crushed along the highway of Nations.
Both in Greek and Hebrew any fluid, air or ether was
called water until organized; then it was wine. The rain that falls on the ground and is taken up into the organism of tree, vegetable or fruit is changed into wine, i. e., sap or juice.
The parable of turning water into wine at the marriage at Cana in Galilee is a literal statement of a process taking place every heart beat in the human organism.
Galilee means a circle of water or fluid—the circulatory
Cana means
a dividing place, the lungs or reeds, the tissue and cells of the lungs.
Biochemists have shown that food does not form the or
ganic part of blood, but simply furnishes the mineral base by setting free the inorganic or cell-salts contained in all food stuff.
The organic part, oil, fibrin, albumen, etc., contained
in food is burned or digested in the stomach and intestinal
tract to furnish motive power to operate the human machine
and draw air into lungs, or Cana, thence into the arteries,
i. e., air carriers.
Therefore, it is clearly shown that air
(spirit) unites with the minerals and forms blood, proving
that the oil, albumen, etc., found in blood, is created every
breath at the "marriage in Cana of Galilee."
Air was called water or the pure sea, viz.: Virgin Mar-y.
So we see how water is changed into wine—blood
—every moment.
In the new age, we will need perfect bodies to correspond
with higher vibration, or motion of the new blood, for
"old bottles (bodies), cannot contain the new wine."

Another allegorical statement typifying the same truth
reads, "And I saw a new Heaven and a New Earth," i. e.,
new mind and new body.

Biochemistry may well say with Walt Whitman, "To the
sick lying on their backs I bring help, and to the strong up
right man I bring much needed help." To be grouchy,
[31] ↠
cross, irritable, despondent or easily discouraged, is prima facie evidence that the fluids of the stomach,
liver and brain are not vibrating at normal rate, the rate that results in equilibrium or health.
Health cannot be qualified, i. e., poor health or good health. There must be either health or dishealth;
ease or disease. We do not say poor ease or good
ease. We say ease or dis-ease, viz., not at ease.
A sufficient amount of the cell-salts of the body properly combined and taken as food — not simply to cure some ache, pain or exudation —forms blood that materializes in healthy fluids, flesh and bone tissue.
We should take the tissue cell-salts as one uses health
foods, not simply to change, not health to health, but to keep the rate of blood vibration in the tone of health all the time.
Biochemistry is the sign board pointing to the open country, to hills and green fields
of health and the truth that shall set the seeking Ego free from poverty and disease. Conservation and transmutation obtains in all the commercial world. The force of falling water is transmuted into the product of the factories.
Steam, the vibration of copper and carbon discs that turn night into day, the "chariots that run like lightning and jostle each other in the streets" are the
effects of the transmutation of base or basic material.
On some fair tomorrow when the subtle vibrations of the
Aquarian Age, directed by Oranous shall have awakened
and called to action the millions of dormant cells of the wondrous brain, man will, by the power of the lost word,
conserve and transmute the material substance of his body, the soul, IOHN or JOHN, and with the "product," the
precious ointment
—triumph over the cross at Golgotha
and ascend to the pineal gland that transmits the christed
Son to the Optic Thalmus, the all-seeing Eye of the cham
ber and thus furnish "light to all that are in the house."
In these latter days our business world has been dominated by a great oil trust, and petroleum, mineral oil, petra, stone, rock or mineral and oleum-oil
was exploited by Rockefeller, a mineral fellow,
and then by the laws of transmutation
changed into gasoline. The transmutation of gasoline by the miracle of the "con
servation of energy" causes the "Ascension" of the air ship, and the pathway of the Eagle and the open road of man lie parallel across the vaulted sky.
And when the Ego shall have triumphed over the carnal
mind and transmuted the crude soul fluids into the gold of the "New Wine"
it will ascend to the Father, the upper brain.
"And the temple needs no light of the Sun by day nor
moon by night, for the light of the Lord doth lighten it."
Thus will the "Blood of Christ cleanse from all sin."
Our Lord Oranous, Son of Heaven, ruling the Sign of the
Son of man, may then exclaim,
"I have fought the good fight, I have finished my course."
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