#SadarPranam to Ishvara within you. You seem to be ill informed. Here I explain how & u may respond should u hv substance.

This is a painting from 1015 AD East India. 411 before arrival of Mughals.

You can see girl wearing half kurta & Payjama. https://twitter.com/lavanyaballal/status/1333715418196762627
Here you see @LavanyaBallal , this sculpture from Gupta Period shows Chudidar & Kurta? Do you know how early were Guptas from Mughals?
Here you go @LavanyaBallal , Statue of a warrior from the Kushan era (circa 30-375 AD). What is it wearing? @ShobhaBJP pl ask her.
Statue of Devi from 2nd Century BC at Mathura. What is she wearing? Kurta isn’t it?
Ancient statue from 3rd Cen BC in Udaygiri and Khandagiri Caves, is wearing a long, kurta with Angarkha.
This is Bronze rattling mirror (4th-5th Century BC) which depicts Indian women wearing waist-length Kurti.
Here @LavanyaBallal gold coin of Kanishka wearing Kurta Payjama. Take knowing date as homework.
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