1/n #SadarPranam to Ishvara within whoever gets to read this.

This thread will develop into a investigative look into the historicity of Muhammad & Islam.

The thread will keep growing and I'll look to compile it into a Book later. I assume it will end with 100+ tweets.
2/n Ibn Hisham (9th Century) had edited the work of al-Bakka'i, who had actually edited the work of 8th century Ibn Ishaq. Ishaq had collected the oral traditions about the so called "Muhammad."

It happens to be first biography. Observe the time gap.
3/n Ibn Hisham, does mention about the harsh manifesto used by Arab fighters before their conquest of the world.

It mentions of belief in Allah & the prophet & any opposition meeting death at the Arab hands.
4/n So which "Prophet" was 9th century, Ibn Hisham actually talking about?

Prophet according to him was his idol and was a man whole lived in 6th-7th century. His tales according to Hisham were great revolutions.
5/n Hisham quotes, Ishaq who quoted Ayesha that how Muhammad received his prophet-hood when he was 40.

Hisham through Ishaq goes on to mention about how Muhammad trees and stones began to greet (was it not hallucination) and Gabriel appears.
6/n Quran 96: 1.5 mentions the incidence of the Prophethood initiation.

Though Muhammad himself is reciting, the book sugar coats it by showing as if some divinity was speaking through him.

7/n There were doubts that Muhammad had been attacked by Jinns.

Hisham further explains the arrival of Gabriel and he declaring Muhammad to be the Prophet.

Khadija, his wife is unable to see the Angel but Muhammad does.
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