[Thread] #Restaurants

↔️ spaced tables do not protect from airborne spread over 2m

🍽 eating & talking indoors without masks is high risk of super-spread

🪟🌬building reg ventilation standards aren’t enough to stop virus build up

🦠visors don’t protect staff 1/ #Covid19
📈🌬 wall & ceiling-mounted ‘air con’ units can make it worse, by blowing virus around 2/

Super-spread in restaurant in China @businessinsider https://www.businessinsider.com/how-restaurant-air-conditioning-gave-nine-people-covid-china-2020-4?amp
🚻 in poorly ventilated toilets, lobbies, staff areas, kitchens, storage & cold rooms, virus can linger in air for hours

🧼 🙌 transmission from surfaces is low, clean air is more important than clean hands

🌬Perspex screens don’t stop airborne virus, & can trap stale air 3/
Link to international experiences of super-spread in restaurants & pubs https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1330076337059540993
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