#Covid19 is an uneven pandemic”, says @DrTedros at @WHO press conference on #sarscov2. “70% of cases and deaths are in just four countries.”
(Number seems wrong to me, though general point is true of course. Will check.)
So, according to @WHO’s own numbers US, India, Brazil and Russia account for about 30 million cases, pretty exactly half the global total of now more than 60 million cases.
On deaths: about 660,000 are US, Brazil, India and Mexico, less than half the 1,4 million global deaths.
Many countries have shown #covid19 can be controlled with existing tools, says @DrTedros. "One of the things all these countries have in common is an emphasis on testing."
“At the start of the pandemic, just two African countries had laboratory testing capacity for #covid19”, says @drtedros. "By the end of February, 32 countries in Africa had testing capacity, and now all countries can test for #covid19"
Testing will remain important as vaccines start to be rolled out, says @drtedros. At first older people and health workers will be immunised. "That will still leave the #COVID19 virus with a lot of room to move, and testing will remain a vital tool for controlling the pandemic"
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