Why is बृहस्पतिवार or गुरूवार also known as वीरवार ? वीरवार is the day meant for worship for Bawan Veers (52 वीर) in Hinduism like: वीरभद्र, मणिमान, चंडीश, नंदीश्वर etc. (1)
Over time some regional Veers also appeared in Siddha-Nath tradition who are said to have achieved gnoseological transformation & have performed sacrifice for Dharma.For eg.Trio of काली वीर of Kashmir,राजा मण्डलीक or गोगा वीर of Rajasthan & नाहर सिंह वीर is worshipped in Jammu(2)
Even till now, Thursday is day when people would visit Samadhi of Veers and Brihasapati temples and offer yellow/saffron colored मिष्टभक्त (मीठा भात or केसरिया भात in Hindi) (3)
Worship of Veers (local as well as pauranic) became a very popular tradition in Medieval India. So Sufi Muslims set their eyes to appropriate this tradition. First they started referring Veers as Peers Like Goga Veer became Goga Peer and Veer Bhadreshwar became Peer Bhadeshar (4)
Sufis who copied practices like Hatha Yoga and Annadanam/Analgraha now also secularized our divinities. This was not the end. Muslims started worshipping Sufi peers and Mohammad in Veer shrines. All religions are one technique was used to destroy Hinduism. (5)
Samadhi worship was converted into Dargah worship. Veers were converted to Peers and worship of new Muslim peers was started. Qawwalis were started at these shrines This is how Jumme (Friday) wale Muslims converted Veervaar (thursday) into day for Peers.(6)
Now need of hour is to purge these shrines of Muslim/Sufi elements. Dargahs of Peers be demolished and Samadhi Shrines for Veers be rebuilt in that place. Let's reclaim them back!! End /
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