I think it's pretty clear that we're all getting increasingly desperate for this pandemic to end, and politicians know that the vaccine is a very potent political tool to dangle in front of us for any reason they'd like (popularity, justification to do not enough, etc.)
Canada dismantled our vaccine capacity as part of the broader neoliberal attacks on the state. It is political that we have to rely on other countries for vaccine production -- and both the Liberals and Conservatives are to blame.

And now, they can use the vaccine politically...
All of this is happening while politicians are all failing to actually do anything that will help get us through the winter, vaccine or not. They could make this much more comfortable. Politicians could fund our pandemic so that we ride this out without fearing eviction for ex.
But instead, journalists pick up the vaccine debate as if it's a tennis match. Liberals are lying! Liberals aren't lying! Conservatives never lie! etc.

Nothing about this is black and white and guess what -- you are literally missing the story:
that, for so many reasons, the vaccine is not actually the hope that people want it to be.
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