South Korea: ‘one infected person attended five nightclubs, caused 50+ new infections’

Hong Kong: ‘106 cases linked back to exposures from staff & musicians at bars.. 73 of the people in this cluster caught virus at the bars, 39 were customers
in longer term pubs /restaurants can engineer safe indoor air (ventilation, filtration, CO2 monitors) but in current high community transmission & seasonal conditions it’s not advisable/achievable; short-term we need very well-managed venues for outdoors socialising in masks IMO
outdoors is 1/20th risk of indoors.. & every age group needs spacious, very well ventilated, very well managed social venues out of the let’s get inventive in outdoor markets & dining, high-ceilinged sport halls & churches, open-sided car parks, retail sheds, (& jumpers)
some more design ideas
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