With the new #AREPolicy2020 in place, there is emphasis on local manufacturing of #REtechnologies. As Pakistan 🇵🇰 transitions to a low carbon future, this is an excellent opportunity for us to develop our mining industry and take advantage of the #globalminingboom https://twitter.com/pkwomeninenergy/status/1329721918946160642
2. #solarpanels #windturbines and #lithiumionbatteries for #electricvehicles all require a range of critical minerals #rareearthelements for their manufacturing and production. With the right policy, the mineral sector can create enormous opportunities
3. and in turn serve as a lucrative source of revenue generation. However, without transparency, royalties, fair fiscal regimes, ESG; minerals and metals because of their non-renewable nature turn into a breeding ground for #resourcenationalisation
4. At the heart of it, is the classic issue of capacity. As we work towards a low carbon future, we must recognise the role of the mining sector in creating a #greeneconomy and actively ramp up mining programs in the country to prepare the workforce of the future.
5. We must make mining #sustainable and use our resources strategically. #Nationalsecurity includes #energysecurity and energy security for super powers such as #China and #US encompasses an uninterrupted supply chain of #criticalminerals and a race for global domination of #REEs
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