1/n Last year I had spoken about how fiction of " #TipuSultan the freedom fighter"was created(quoted thread).

Today ,I share his bigotry through his own writings & dreams(he had documented them).

Read this thread that follows & RT to spread info.

@KanganaTeam ma'am have a look https://twitter.com/Aabhas24/status/1211492966734254082
2/n First I'm using "The dreams of Tipu Sultan" as source.

This is snippet from Dream-3

Here he is dreaming to punish Unbelievers of Delhi and strengthen Islam
3/n In the Dream 17, Tipu mentions of praying God to convert all Unbelievers to Islam with the desire to strengthen the Islam.
4/n In Dream 24, Tipu Mentions of corroborating with French & getting into Jihad along with his Muslim Men.

In reality, Tipu was trading parts of India with French. His idea was to replace Brits with French (I have discussed same in the thread quoted in tweet 1/n)
5/n In the dream 33, Tipu mentions his hatred for "Shaligram" & how he desires the rule of Islam throughout.
7/n In the dream 37, Tipu again mentions of seeing the army of Unbelievers being destroyed.
8/n From 1/n-7/n I have explained how Tipu saw even dreams of Islamic rule, hated Kafirs and destroying Unbelievers.

From 9/n onward I'll mention about few more writings of Tipu which explains how Bigoted, Islamist, Jihadi he was.
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