The tenth chapter of Gita is like a ladder that takes you directly to Parmatma.

In Kashipuri there lived a devout and saintly Brahmin named Dheerbudhi who was revered for his Knowledge on Vedas and other Shastras.
His mind was focused only on Bhagwaan Vishnu, rest everything for him useless. He felt that Parmatma was always with him. But unknown to him Vishnu ji was always with him, catching his hand and giving support.

Once, one of the Vishnu sevaks, Bhrangrithi questioned him as to
why he always followed the Brahmin. So Vishnu ji narrated an interesting incident to him.

Once Vishnu ji was sitting in Punnag forest in Kailash, that he heard a loud distinct noise coming near him. Suddenly a dark bird with dark complexion like a crow,
but was like a swan in appearance, came near him. Then the same bird dropped a beautiful lotus at his feet and started singing his praises just like a human being. Vishnuji wondered who was this bird actually?
Vishnu ji wanted to know the identity of this bird.
The bird replied that he was Brahma's swan, but while flying across a Pond his complexion suddenly became dark. Actually he had gone to pick up a fig of mrinal from the pond, but he suddenly fainted and fell down and after that he noticed his dark colour turn.
Dazed he questioned aloud when he heard a Kamlini which comprised of five lotus flowers, speak to him in human voice. She replied that in previous to previous birth she was a Brahmin who was lady following strict Pativrata dharma. But once she was
sitting and teaching a maina bird and became late to serve her husband. In anger the Brahmin(husband) cursed her to become a maina. But due to her Pativrata dharma she was born and raised in a ashram as maina in that birth. The Brahmin kanya who was
the daughter of the Rishi over there, daily read Vibhuti Yog from the tenth chapter of Gita in front of her. The maina too recited this along with the kanya. Because of this satkarma of reciting Vibhuti Yog she became an Apsara called Padmavati in Swarg in her next birth.
As an Apsara she was flying in the sky when she noticed the beautiful pond. She came down to bathe. But Rishi Durvaasa happened to come there. Afraid that he would notice her bathing without clothes, she converted herself into a lotus. But anyhow Durvaasa saw her and cursed
her to become a lotus for hundred years. Her two hands and legs each and rest of her body comprised of five lotus flowers. As a Kamlini she still chanted the tenth chapter of Gita. Today was the last day of confinement. So she slowly turned into an Apsara again.
She handed the bird(now the same Brahmin whom Vishnu ji followed) one lotus,So the Brahma's swan(originally the wife of the Brahmin whose husband had cursed) offered the same lotus to Vishnu ji. It continued chanting the Vibhuti Yog & would eventually be relieved of his darkness.
So the same swan was now born as Brahmin Dheerbudhi whom Vishnu followed everywhere.

The tenth chapter is so magical that even if a Brahm hatyara would read this, he too would be released from his sins.
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