1/ Book recommendations (thread)

Start Here:

Choose FI
Richest Man in Babylon
Millionaire Next Door
Rich Dad, Poor Dad
The Wealthy Barber

2/ Business Books

Good to Great
Business Adventures
Built to Last
Competition Demystified
Blue Ocean Strategy
The Innovators Dilemma
How to Build a Company that Warren Buffett Would Buy
The Outsiders
3/ Biographies

Made in America
Hard Drive
Elon Musk
Steve Jobs
The Everything Store
4/ Personal Growth

The Power of Habit
Atomic Habits
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Who Moved My Cheese?
Think And Grow Rich
The Checklist Manifesto
5/ Personal Finance

Your Money Or Your Life
The Millionaire Mind
Stop Acting Rich
Become a 401K Millionaire
The One Page Financial Question
My Total Money Makeover
The Automatic Millionaire
The Simple Path to Wealth
I Will Teach You To Be Rich
6/ Beginning Investing

Motley Fool Investing Guide
Little Book That Builds Wealth
Little Book that Beats The Market
One Up on Wall Street
Common Stocks & Uncommon Profits
Beat The Street
Investing Checklist
Joys of Compounding
Million Dollar Portfolio

All Jack Bogle Books
7/ Advanced Investing

Value Investing
Rule Breakers, Rule Makers
You Can Be A Stock Market Genius
The Intelligent Investor
Magic Formula Investing
Education of a Speculator
Margin of Safety
A Zebra of Lion Country
100 Baggers
Killing Sacred Cows
Stocks For The Long Run
8/ Financial Statement

Warren Buffett & Interpretation of Financial Statements
How to Read a Financial Report
Financial Shenanigans
Financial Statements: A Step-by-Step Guide
Quality of Earnings
9/ Money & Psychology

Your Money and Your Brain
The Psychology Of Money
What I learned Losing $1 Million
The Behaviour Gap
Thinking Fast and Slow
Don't Fall For it
Big Mistakes
10/ Beyond Money

Beyond Wealth
A Wealth of Common Sense
The Gone Fishing Portfolio
11/ Kids & Money

How to Turn $1,000 into $1 million
Better than a Lemonade Stand
Penny Invests
What did I miss?
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