Everyone reading this, please take a moment. Extract yourself from your pre-conceived biases, be them culturally driven, or driven by an Abrahamic religion that has built in bigotry and demonization of polytheists/pagans & the ancient civilization of Bharat (India).
Even if you don’t realize what is happening, it is absolutely happening. Islam and Christianity are continuing a centuries old assault on polytheists/pagans globally, especially focused on the ancient Dharmic/Vedic civilization of India.
They’re doing it because the “Holy” books they follow demonize & condemn to their religions “Hell”, this entire civilization. It’s in both Christianity & Islam, Islam being worse, both equally destructive to India’s ancient civilization & all surviving polytheistic/pagan faiths
Christians today, regardless of political affiliation so it happens from the left and right equally, through their churches, non-profits, “religious freedom” organizations and NGOs, are engaged in a concerted assault of the Dharmic/Vedic civilization of India.
India, one of the oldest continuous civilizations on our planet & people following Dharmic/Vedic traditions of more that 1.3billion globally. These Christians/Muslims, churches/Mosques & their organizations openly label India a godless country, a nation of devil/demon worshippers
They go beyond this, they invest billions from all Western Christian & Islamic nations with one mission. Conversion. They are still actively trying to convert and end the ancient Dharmic civilization of India.
This is one of the greatest civilizational tragedies of the modern era. It’s pushed forward by bigoted, Abrahamic religions, backed by Western Christian nations and Islamic nations globally!
We live in a global society gripped by what is known as Adharma in Sanatan Dharma. Most if this global chaos is being driven by a dissatisfied global population due to massive income inequality brought about by communism/ socialism(Marxism) & crony capitalism.
In the background of this chaos, two Abrahamic religions are increasing their assault on the ancient Dharmic civilization of India. They are continuing their same insane, religion driven march to stamp out polytheism/paganism & they’re targeting India at the top of their list.
India’s under continuous assault by both Christianity & Islam & as we see globally, these two religions target each other, both claiming superiority. Then there’s non-stop violence in Israel/Palestine. The continued Islamic assault against the original Abrahamic religion, Judaism
Humanity has lost countless treasures, endless knowledge & suffered a true disconnect from who we truly are as human beings. Christianity & even more so, Islam, have destroyed countless civilizations, destroyed universities, erasing knowledge & re-writing our shared human history
The one’s they didn’t destroy, like India, they set back centuries in their civilizational development as they attempted to erase Dharmic/Vedic civilization and replace it with their own Abrahamic faith & culture.
India, pre Islamic Invasion/Christian “colonialism”(another term for invasion), was without doubt, one of the most advanced civilizations on our entire planet.
To understand this tragedy for humanity from the Christian west/Islamic world, you’re going to have to extract yourself from your supremacist Western/Christian/Islamic mindset and bigotry, and actually see India from an Indic/Dharmic mindset.
Then you’re going to have to weed through endless propaganda, both current & historical, written as fact/history but actually biased, religiously bigoted propaganda, to see the real history. To see who & what India & her ancient Dharmic/Vedic culture truly represent for humanity.
India’s ancient Dharmic/Vedic culture is a living treasure we as humanity cannot afford to lose. We’ve already lost too much. We simply cannot allow Abrahamic bigotry backed to both the Christian West and Islamic world to continue.
India has advanced human civilization in all areas of science, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, architecture, agriculture, philosophy, human well being and spirituality long before their Abrahamic counterparts.
When these Abrahamic Cultures of Islam & Christianity invaded, they did it with malice. Malice against what their “religions” told them were demon/devil worshippers. Inferior human beings to be saved from their Abrahamic “religions” hell fire. Malice that continues today.
As bad as the past was, it’s fact today both of these religions have not evolved to be a cohesive member of an advanced multi-faith human civilization. They’re both still set on a never ending quest to convert the world to their religions, they invest billions in that process.
The result is the continued chaos, hate & bigotry we see. In our modern world, Christian & Islamic nations blame their target, the very people they’re trying to destroy, the Dharmic/Vedic civilization of India. They blame them for the problems & chaos they themselves are creating
Both Islam and Christianity are holding onto a medieval/dark ages, religious bigotry & ideology that pushes them to demonize other faiths. If their adherents don’t do it directly, they sit by silently, letting it happen while others of their religion do it.
Unless you’ve been sleeping, you know we have serious issues facing humanity. Our actions now will determine our future. We, as a human, divine and advanced life form, no longer have time to waste on this archaic religious bigotry. IT MUST STOP!
For you Christians and Muslims, you know exactly what I am talking about. Your religious doctrines are driving your religions to continue to target and demonize our fellow human beings & it’s bringing never ending chaos to our world. THIS MUST STOP!
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