Looks like a major attack was thwarted by brave and timely action of Indian Army. So what all items and why were these four guys carrying so much stuff. Let’s see :

1. Assault Rifles : Looks like normal AK47 (Russian), AK56 (Chinese) and few Type 81 (Chinese). For them to .. https://twitter.com/shivaroor/status/1329360059160260613
carry all this means -
i) were to meet some more terrorists and carry out coordinated attacks. These guys were brining in arms and ammo for them too.
ii) they were planning to hide out for long in the area. Place lot of weapons at different places. Get them from time to time,
attack, dispose off weapon and vanish in crowd.
Security forces and Int agencies on ground would know better.

2. Plastic wrapped means they i)crossed a water body with weapons on them
ii) or They were planning to
iii) the weapons were under land and snow for some time
3. Single UBGL ( Under barrel grenade launcher ) with grenades and HE grenades ( look Chinese ) show they were ready for a pitched fight. Also, grenade throwing in ok loc places or security forces camps could be one of their plans.

4. Pistols , all covered in plastic kind of ..
prove the crossing water body theory. Though they are covered but seem to be Chinese .32 / Type 54. But can’t really say. Guessing here.

5. Top left - seems like Chocolate Mars bars and top right looks like bag of Dates and some canned food. High every food, good for short time
but can’t endlessly sustain on that. So this could very well have been a suicide attack since they were heavy on explosives and almost nothing on basic food supplies.

6. Some watches ( personal ) , a radio set battery charger ( right on top of AKs) basic medical supplies and
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