America is going to destroy itself. Many people and nations in the world long for that to happen & the American people are careless and unobservant.

We are horribly divided as a nation, exactly as those seeking to tear down this country want. It makes us weak.
We have a modern left filled with Anarchists, Antifa, Marxists, BLM, Islmamists, Muslims, "liberal" (but bigoted) Christians, left wing fascists, it's a mess.

We get chaos, rioting, looting, property destruction, killings, rapes and mayhem in our society. It’s going to get worse
The left is easy to penetrate politically because it’s so fragmented. Islam has made its political home on the left. They're well established & networked through their organizations (even “humanitarian”/“charity” orgs) & Mosques; globally, with many Islamic nations playing a role
Islamic organizations, political figures, media figures are engaged in propaganda against politicians, events, & elections in our own country & globally against other nations. Democrats know this, they even participate, as does the media, even “progressive” media.
You can't treat Islam like any religion. Islam is & has always been, a political religion designed to rule nations & people. It will continue to seek more power in every nation, the end result is obvious, history makes this painfully clear, pay attention to what is happening.
I say this, because it’s hard to see the truth in this world. I’m sorry for that, I wish was easier for people to be able to more easily see what's happening. They are not, be it willing participation, inability to see, unwillingness to see, human stubbornness or not caring.
For some it may be valid fears, civilizational trauma being suppressed. This has happened before. Islam tried to, previously in our history, take over, spreading from the ME into Africa and South Asia. Hundreds of millions were slaughtered, enslaved, raped and subjugated.
They never gave up, goal unchanged, Islam is to spread & rule over humanity. This is called for in the Quran. The Quran to them is the world of God, so why are people not recognizing this, the truth, when it’s right in front of them? It’s not just going to go away
All nations should be concerned. Islam does not strive for pluralism/secularism, democracy, freedom . . the Quran has nothing to do with that. Islam invariably leads to far right theocracies, that’s exactly what the religion calls for, that's the direction it will move towards.
The ruiing elites, spanning corporations, media & Hollywood, politics are fully intertwined in the Democratic Party, politicians through rules they created, enriching themselves off of that government service even as they lie to the people about the “changes” they’ll bring.
The left is so bad, dangerous to this country & world, for the first time in my life, they pushed me right. The right has their problems as well, they have their own Christian bigots & there's a far right fringe, but it's nothing compared to the craziness happening on the left.
And of course, we have the cheating, lies, election fraud, willing voter fraud for many. The entire world knows Democrats/DNC do not run a fair primary election. They admitted as much in court, saying their not obligated to do so and can select the candidate they choose.
Wikileaks showed us, including the MSM/Hollywood collusion with Democrats. The courts legally let the Democrats/DNC rig their primaries.

So why is everyone acting shocked and saying it couldn't happen when they clearly messed with the General Election? Do people really not care?
I don't know how bad it will get, but it's clear it will & effect the entire world. I thought most people would wake up after 2016, at least have a clue, but no, most are still sheep to the MSM/Party & it doesn't look to be changing.
And regarding Wikileaks, it needs to be said again, #FreeAssangeNOW. That Julian Assange is still in jail shows exactly how corrupt it is & how far reaching. That people are not protesting this injustice shows they don’t care or are oblivious to the dangers to our free societies.
Anyway, trying times. I wish you all the best. Stay strong, stay centered, eat well, meditate-breathe-yoga, do it the right way, it's clearly documented in many Hindu texts. If you haven't explored this, you're only missing out on something that will infinitely benefit your life
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