1. #COVID19 is not a hoax. It's not a #scamdemic, #plandemic or #casedemic. It's not just the flu.

2. It is killing people who wouldn't otherwise imminently die.

3. It HAS been isolated and genetically sequenced and data are shared in peer-reviewed journals.
4. #COVID19 is a serious, deadly public-health crisis that warrants serious countermeasures.

5. It is NOT the apocalypse, armageddon or the End of Days.

7. We must recognize that #pandemic counter-measures have both positive AND NEGATIVE effects. They harm (and kill) people.
8. The question is where is the greater harm? The virus or the countermeasures against it?

9. Public Health officials must make their case that the number of years of life lost to their response will be lower than the number lost to the #coronavirus. They have not yet done so.
10. That doesn't mean Public Health docs are wrong. It means they need to show their work and re-earn the public's trust which they have lost through miscommunication, indecision and confusion.

They need to do so quickly. Without public trust, even the best plan can't work.
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