..well-lit spaces with outdoor* ventilation out of the rain, with good management can be low-risk for market stalls, gyms, art exhibitions, play spaces, dining & socialising...
*outdoor: freely ventilated, very high airchange/hour & CO2 monitoring for danger
*scientific research now shows how to make low-risk places that can be measured, managed & enforced
*public health advice can build on instinctively ‘safer’ choices made by outdoor drinkers
*yes, it’s not easy; but Electric Picnic & others safely manage huge crowds

*alternatives are very high risk for super-spread

*this isn’t just about Christmas, it’s next year, it’s businesses, jobs, artists, social inclusion, mental health, urban decay..
#Darwin #Adaptation
*of 1,245 cases researched in China, only two were transmitted outdoors
*outdoor gatherings have not been connected to super-spread events
*Covid-19 is a disease of buildings, it’s caught by inhaling shared air
*use the science, design out risk
#Mask #Air #Distance
some other design ideas on this thread, let’s get creative... https://twitter.com/orla_hegarty/status/1305843872581537796
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