🧐 Are we being misled into believing that Dominion Voting Systems are the only ones complicit in election fraud? Why the hardline push to look at just them initiated by Sidney Powell? Is this a case of "look here, don't look there"? #Vote2020
Here in Ohio, according to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s website, Ohio’s 88 counties use 13 different vote counting and tabulation systems. 13? WTF?
There’s no law in Ohio requiring a statewide voting system. All systems are provided by private corporate partisan for-profit companies whose software is proprietary & hence, secret. Here is a rundown of what machines are used in and around central Ohio & some other key counties.
The last time an analysis of Ohio’s computerized voting machines was occurred was the Everest Study in 2007 by former Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner. As part of the study, the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Computer and Information Science did a...
“security evaluation” of ES&S voting machines and found the following: “We found numerous exploitable vulnerabilities in nearly every component of the ES&S system.” ES&S is the largest supplier of computerized voting machines in Ohio.
Lake County (my county)- What to watch out for: Lake County is the only Ohio county currently using the older ES&S iVotronic voting machines. The Brennan Center reported a problem with vote flipping in the 2008 election on these machines. Election integrity activists refer to the
machine as “Flipper.” South Carolina voters sued their state because the voting machine is a DRE which is a direct reporting machine with no paper trail. The election integrity community finds the machine vulnerable to hacks and viruses. Missing, phantom, uncounted and
uncountable votes are other complaints. In 2008, 5000 phantom votes were found in Colorado in a iVotronic machine.
I shared this Dominion price sheet yesterday as an example of the cost to the counties and districts to operate these machines. It's staggering. https://twitter.com/Delta5by5Dawn/status/1328399869644517377?s=20
Look now...another one at CISA bites the dust! https://twitter.com/NBCPolitics/status/1328858706944139265?s=20
Myth Buster? Ha! Posted October 28, 2020.
Another thread I raised questions about S.P. and her "breaking news" about "Hamm*r & Scor*Card". https://twitter.com/Delta5by5Dawn/status/1325465703349161984?s=20
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