This is a good opportunity to explore something that Elon talks about often: the dreaded "local maximum." In tech, a local maximum could be like when a company gets so comfortable with its disruptive "killer product" that it goes soft and stagnates around it.
The company is making money $$$ on that product, people are saying its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Egos are stroked. Awards are given. Competitors are cowering. You just won a marathon, no need to go for a practice run the rest of the week. Heck, take two weeks off.
Boom, you are at risk of being stuck in a local maximum. The most innovative, world-changing organizations will take their money, momentum and credibility and immediately pump it into R&D, in an almost desperate effort to disrupt themselves before someone else does.
Now as a worker, maybe/probably that burns you out. Humans want to take a minute to bask in the glory they just earned. Right? There is nothing wrong with that. That's actually normal! That's also why a shot of new people and ideas on a regular basis is so essential.
Early on at SpaceX everyone knew that part of their job was to automate themselves out of their they could work on something even cooler. I can't stress enough how important that is. Automate or eliminate everything you can to help push you out of a local maximum(s).
And don't get too enamored with any technology you grinded over for years over. It will be replaced or improved upon...hopefully with something taking humanity on the march toward more global maximums.
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