The economic & humanitarian crisis we are living through right now was 100% entirely avoidable.

It’s just that Wall Street, large corporations, the 1%, and the political duopoly they control simply don’t give a shit about you. 1/5
What we needed:
• A comprehensive *bottom-up* stimulus of approx. 40% of GDP
• Rent & mortgage freezes
• $2k/mo to keep people home & safe
• M4A

What we got:
• Trillions for the 1%
• Crumbs for the 99%
• Cronyism / corruption 2/5
They quickly & decisively bailed themselves out with trillions in handouts while leaving the vast majority of the population with crumbs.

Meanwhile, every month without a real stimulus, millions more families are becoming food & housing insecure. 3/5
Millions of small businesses have permanently shuttered. Millions more are anticipated to close by year-end.

Millions of people are unemployed & desperate.

Large corporations are further consolidating their market share & bargaining power. 4/5
The corporate duopoly doesn’t serve us. Look at who got bailed-out & who didn’t. Who is consolidating wealth & power during this crisis & who is suffering?

Will we take the levers of power & save ourselves? Those who got us here sure as hell won’t. 5/5
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