it's insane how much money is spent keeping people away from medical care -- like the amount spent on the bureaucracy of hospitals, insurance, etc must be equal to or greater than the cost of just giving everyone free care.
to get one normal imaging test i had to speak to 6 different receptionists, insurance processors, etc. — and im sure there are a dozen more behind the scenes processing my claim. prob at least $500 of labor just to process one claim. what a crock of shit lol.
it's not a broken system. it's a system designed to funnel $$$ to rich people and withhold care from anyone who threatens profits! and it takes a lot of labor to ensure that!!!!
which is why it doesnt matter that m4a is proven cheaper and better over and over again. everyone knows it's better healthcare wise, especially those most against it. but it's much worse profiteering wise, which is why it has such a slim chance of happening in this country :l
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