The following 12 books from our History of Indian Science and Technology (HIST) series are a treasure trove of information on the advanced state of science and technology in ancient India. They are now also available in kindle format. See thread below.
Animal Husbandry and Allied Technologies in Ancient India: From Prehistorical to Early Historical Times
Authors: P. P Jogelar & Pankaj Goyal
Editor: O.C. Handa  (US)  (IN)
Beginning of Agriculture and Domestication In India
Author: Vasudha Pant  (US)  (IN)
Chalcolithic South Asia: Aspects of Crafts and Technologies
Authors: Vasant Shinde, Shweta Sinha Deshpande & Amrita Sarkar
Editor: O.C. Handa  (US)  (IN)
Harappan Architecture and Civil Engineering
Author: Jagat Pati Joshi  (US)  (IN)
Harappan Technology and its Legacy
Author: D.P. Agrawal  (US)  (IN)
Himalayan Traditional Architecture: With Special Reference to the Western Himalayan Region
Author: O.C. Handa (US)  (IN)
Indian Beads: History And Technology
Authors: R.K. Mohanty & Tilok Thakuria
Editor: O.C. Handa  (US)  (IN)
Indian Zinc Technology in a Global Perspective
Author: J.S. Kharakwal  (US)  (IN)
Marvels of Indian Iron Through The Ages
Author: R. Balasubramaniam  (US)  (IN)
Reflections on the History of Indian Science and Technology
Editor: O.C. Handa  (US)  (IN)
Traditional Water Management: Practices of Uttarakhand
Author: Manikant Shah
Editor: D.P. Agrawal  (US)  (IN)
Water Management and Hydraulic Engineering in India
Author: S.P. Shukla
Editor: O.C. Handa  (US)  (IN)
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