I explained why I left California in the WSJ, but still hope the Golden State gets its act together. My policy group @InstituteCicero has 10 bold proposals to improve how people live in California. https://www.housingforcalifornia.org 
1/ We can affordably build thousands of miles of new high-tech tunnels, enabling tens of thousands of new homes and saving millions of hours for Bay Area commuters. https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/tunnels @elonmusk
2/ The SF city govt currently takes most revenue generated from new developments. We should redirect half back directly to residents of neighborhoods that choose to build. Let residents approve far more housing and let them share in the upside! https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/incentives
3/ Many don’t realize that SF has over 12 major “commercial corridors.” Yet most restrict building heights at 40 feet. Lifting those limitations would bring tens of thousands of new residents & economic contributors. https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/commercial-corridor-development
4/ CA’s state gov takes almost all the money local school districts raise from new housing - no wonder CA towns are opposed to building. Incremental revenue should support local communities - learn how to fix the incentives: https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/how-to-improve-schools-and-restore-growth-in-california
5/ Many don’t realize that Stanford has ~4000 acres of empty land - much of it used by cattle - while the Bay Area suffers from a terrible housing crisis. Here’s how we can put it to better use: https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/small-city-in-the-hills
6/ Had it passed, SB50, would have allowed “Paris-level” density around mass transit. The idea is directionally correct, and can pass with smart compromise. Here are the pros and cons: https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/support-for-sb50
7/ SF doubled homeless spending yet homelessness spiked. Refusal to enforce the law and an unaccountable homeless-industrial complex has wrought havoc. Our cities need reasonable lodging, pay-for-performance services, drug & mental health courts today. https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/services-for-the-homeless
8/ Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADUs, are a cheap way for existing homeowners to create a new home in their own backyard and earn some extra rent in the process. AB68 was a great start but we need to go further! https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/allowing-more-adus
9/ The biggest housing project in San Francisco has been on the drawing board for almost two decades. Let’s transform the former home of the famous Candlestick Park stadium into a soon-to-be famous neighborhood in South San Francisco. https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/transforming-candlestick-park
10/ Inside SF, several square miles of land are taken up by unsightly & polluting elevated highways. If we buried just one mile of one of these highways, we could free up to 10 acres of new building space, allowing 5,000 new homes. https://www.housingforcalifornia.org/proposals/building-a-city-over-the-101
Americans win when government incentives are aligned with the public good.

From healthcare to education, housing, criminal justice and more, the Cicero Institute is working to build a brighter, smarter future. Learn more: https://ciceroinstitute.org/ 
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