I love the parallels between my favourites ships of SnK! Erehisu and Yumihisu are sooo beautiful!!
both wanted to protect Historia more than anything and Hisu declares to be their ally above everything else
Historia saving Ymir and Eren. She stood up and gave them the courage not to give up, to stop act like martyrs and live for themself
I love how much both Ymir and Eren care about Hisu:
They know exactly when Hisu is acting as the fake goddess Krista and both prefer the real Historia. Both also have long and honest conversations with her and remind to her that her life is precious and she doesn't have to sacrifice for the sake of others.
Both cared about her feelings...
...and smiled when they saw her smile.
These moments are so comfortable, fun and beautiful đź’•
and their dramatic moments still breaks my heart aaahhh ;__;
Both ships got a moment with a third character like:"hey, I'm here too! you know?" XD
and both got a... promise? (yes, we still need to see the whole conversation between Eren and Hisu to confirm "whatyouknow" but it's very possible)
Eren was the first person Hisu trusted to find Ymir when she left and Eren tried to comfort Hisu
Besides, if someday it's confirmed Hisu got romantic feelings for both it would be very funny and ironic because that mean she has the same tastes for girls and boys: she likes brown-haired who loves freedom XD
It's curious because a lot of people argue about YH vs EH, however the main reasons why I absolutely love both relationships are because both are similar, amazing, healthy and complement each other. Besides they're important for the plot and for Hisu's character development
so, in conclusion, that's why EreHisuYumi is my main snk OT3 <3 If you don't like them, ok, I respect it, I just needed to do this post to express my infinite love for these ships đź’•
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