THE best hotdog salesman in the world: @theSamParr

"Great entrepreneurs are very often no different than your average Joe."

• Who is Sam?
• Why is he successful?
• Lessons to apply to your life?

Thread time…
1/ Who is @theSamParr?

• Belmont U track team

• Worked for TV show American Pickers

• Built a chain of hot dog stands called Southern Sam’s: Wiener’s as Big as a Baby’s Arm

• Host @FirstMillionPod with @ShaanVP

• Founded @TheHustle, 1.7M email subs, 8 figure revenue
2/ What makes Sam successful?

• Copywriting

• No BS

• Marketing

• Validating Business Ideas
3/ Copywriting

“Copywriting is getting what’s in my brain to your brain and making you feel what I feel.”

• Learn AIDA: Attention Interest Desire Action.

• Write like you speak. Don’t use complex words.

• Less than 25 words/sentence.

• Write at a 6th grade level.
4/ Straight talk - No BS

• Never be afraid to ask inquisitive questions

• Ask what did you do, how did you do it?

How much money do you make?

Who is your CEO?

How did you hire them?

• Get real answers… best way to learn
5/ Marketing

• Study people like @tailopez and all the crazy fitness ads on YouTube

They work for a reason.

“Whenever I see a cool email ad, I reply and ask about it. I learn why they made a certain decision for it.”

• Study it. Copy it.
6/ How Sam Validates Business Ideas

• What problems do people have?

• How many people share the problem?

• Who’s succeeding? Why?

• Where do successful companies miss?

• Business model?

• What problems aren’t solved?

Research: @SimilarWeb, @Glassdoor, @CBinsights
7/ Lessons You Can Apply

• Master the art of the cold email

• The sexy industry isn't always the best one

• Life is about persuasion. Learn copywriting ( @nevmed Kopywriting Kourse)

• It doesn't matter where you start, it's where you're going
8/ More Lessons

• Everything is a potential business… Be more perceptive.

• Audience is the new currency: @TheHustle, @myfirstmilpod

• Ask specific questions to busy people

• You don’t need a crazily innovative idea

• Read biographies. Copy what worked in the past.

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