This is how the government will eventually move to mandatory Covid Vaccine,

They have already set out their pieces ready to play us in a game of vaccine chess.

They need a certain amount to take up the vaccine for it to be effective in society but have already placed
The doubts about the Vaccine in our minds, they planted the seed of doubt by rushing it's manufacture, removing all legal challenges if/when there are adverse reactions in the long term, they are even now thinking about closing down any anti-vax talk online an groups.
In doing so
They are causing more an more people to doubt the Vaccine an the morals of the Government resulting in a lot less people taking it up than is needed to effective, allowing them to male their next move and bring into law Mandatory Vaccines with vaccine passports being the first
Step, and because there will always be people who don't want to travel or attend sporting events an still trun their backs on it they will go full blown Mandatory making their 2nd move you can't work or shop or interact socially unless you have a vaccine certificate/passport!
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