Hey everyone, especially those who support an occasional #CrackerBan

Let me take you all on a guilt trip with absolute facts that how your lifestyle is hurting our planet.

Special thanks to @NatGeo
And @LeoDiCaprio

The rainforests burnt for palm oil plantations.
Palm oil is used in products like cold drinks, potato chips, noodles, cosmetics, detergents etc.
So, the next time you put on lipstick or open a can of @pepsi or buy a packet of @LAYS ; you ought to know you helped them burn a forest.
Cattle farming is hazardous as hell. Time for beef eaters to introspect and change their food habits.
Your eating habits are disastrous for your health ( https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/eating-red-meat-daily-triples-heart-disease-related-chemical#:~:text=The%20chemical%20is%20derived%20in,identified%20TMAO%20as%20another%20culprit) as well as this planet.
Think twice before you eat red meat.
One of the largest source of pollution is Fossil fuel. @elonmusk adheres the idea of powering the whole world with 100 Giga factories. Though he can't build a hundred but one is better than none.
And the carbon tax is crucial.
The economics behind the carbon tax.
How politicians change to public views.
But in a country like India which is concerned with fuel price hike; carbon tax is a distant dream.
If you're an environmentalist or you are concerned about the air quality and increasing pollution; you should focus on the activities which throughout the year causes pollution in a massive scale.
No, I don't support the occasional #CrackerBan on #Diwali As long as the #CRACKERS are allowed on other occasions keep your hypocrite mouth shut and let us enjoy our festivals as we want to.
Let's focus on sustainable energy, electric vehicles, solar Power Plants and Carbon tax.
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