We just got the $MRNA trial results and they appear to be good, approximately 95% success rate. I'm no vaccine expert but this will trigger another rotation from growth to value. My guess is that it's not nearly as severe as last Monday.
If you were waiting to rotate from growth to value you would have done so last week. Many of the growth stocks are 15-25% off their highs so multiples have already contracted.

As much as I want to trim pre-market in case we get a big selloff, it's hard to sell at current prices.
These vaccines might start helping us in 4-6 months but don't forget we're still hitting new records every day in the # of new Covid cases which as forced some states back into partial lockdowns.

When I look through my growth stocks I expect all of them to keep crushing numbers.
Even when we have a readily available vaccine, we have already accelerated many trends by 2-5 years and those trends are here to stay which means many of our growth stocks will continue to benefit.
Just because we have a vaccine does that mean people will stop wanting telehealth?

Just because we have a vaccine does that mean people will stop riding their Peloton bike?

Just because we have a vaccine does that mean people will stop using SnapChat and Pinterest?
Just because we have a vaccine does that mean people will stop shopping online and using digital payments?


Today could be a down 2-5% day for me which I'm happy to absorb because I still believe in my disruptive growth companies for the next 12+ months.
I'll never bet against the US consumer but I will bet against life returning to normal as quickly as the value investors might proclaim

This pandemic has left a mark on our economy and our psyche which won't be repaired in a few months just b/d there's a couple vaccines coming.
Personally I think the damage down will take years to repair.

Part of me hopes I am wrong because this year has destroyed so many lives and businesses including my own.
As much fun as I have with FinTwit and making big returns in my growth stocks, I would absolutely prefer that my company had not been destroyed and 4 years of hard work and sacrifices weren't flushed down the toilet because of a fucking virus that humanity was unable to control.
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