You are free to doubt @VishnuNDTV and @ndtv. But if an Army formation’s PRO handle has posted and claimed this is our attack on the enemy post, there is absolutely no reason to doubt it. Lot of chat on this, let me weigh in n clarify.
1. @adgpi would NEVER post an unconfirmed...
video. There is a lot at stake including reputation. Why on Earth would Army use a video of some far away war when we can do the same ourselves. And are doing it, as shown here.
2. Now on tactical part. You can call it Sangar, Pill Box, Bunker, OP etc. Doesn’t matter. The ..
construction and build remains the same. It’s like a room, to make everyone arguing understand . You can use it for your bedroom, shop, conference room, anything. It is a very legitimate construction and anyone who has served on LoC will recognise it in a second.
3. Those..
questioning the destructive power of ATGM/ Rocket fired don’t actually understand the role of an ATGM. The job is to penetrate the armour and explode inside, killing the occupants. Its not meant to reduce the tank or building to rubble. That’s not the aim, and would require lot
more explosive power and heat, which is not possible to be built in these size of weapons. These are role oriented weapons. And firing 3 means ensuring total devastation inside. Because sometimes the bunkers have layers of protective walls.
4. Troops running are NOT running..
into the Bunker but on the shadow side of ridge line. Anyone serving in mountains knows very well that that is the safest place to save yourself. Just ahead of ridge line. The video starts from them running away because it has definitely been clipped to accommodate social media..
posting rules. But as we can see in the start that they are running means they knew they are being targeted which could have been result of small arm or mortar fire. A target acquisition drill is a very common practice before firing the big guns to use the special ammo and
Weapons to their optimum capability.
5. Those questioning video, that has now been posted by @adgpi will continue to question everything. So either you believe in Army or you don’t. So have faith in your fauj, and salute the daredevils who made this happen. Jai Hind!
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